The Hope In You

Never lose hope as it always saves the day
Hope is how some of us hold on and stay.

We stay very focused with hope on our minds
We go for it and hope that we make it this time.

We expect and desire and hope we reach our goals
Our hope is so strong we feel it in our souls.

The hope in you knows to never give up
The hope in you knows to keep your head up.


Unjust Moves

Still no justice
Still no peace
We demand equality
We demand respect from the police.

Our brothers are being killed
Our rights are unfulfilled
You crave to jail and kill is all
We rise right now in the midst of this brawl.

We rise in peace and not to loot
But with you it doesn't matter-you were trained to shoot
Shoot to kill has always been your plan
Kill all the blacks so you can be the man.

What happen to liberty and justice for all
I guess when it was written you modified the protocol.


Inhale and Exhale


Being at peace is the ultimate position of power
You must have the courage to enjoy it now & every hour.

Breathe, relax and let go of your fear
God is in control and he is always standing here.

Remember your courage is stronger than your fear
And you are capable to make it another year.

(Corona Virus 2020)


What is your vision for 2020 success
Have you thought about your next move
Have you thought about your progress?

Have you taken into account all that you have achieved
Are you ready to move forward 
Are you ready to conceive?

Start with fresh ideas
Create a solid plan
Put strategies into place
Redefine your current brand

Build a solid team
Prioritize all of your goals
Stay true to your 2020 vision
Maintain your passion & control.



So thankful for you, family & friends
So thankful and blessed as the holidays begin

Filled with hope and lots of joy
Let us lift each other up  and not destroy.

Let the spirit of thanksgiving consume us while we live
Let our souls look beyond lets us help lets us give.

~~Thankful For All Of You Who Visit My Blog~~

Summer Vibes


Summer breeze feels good as I'm standing by the sea
The sound of the water stimulates me mentally.

Enticed by the waves and ocean sprays
I remain so still as I begin  to pray.

I meditate in silence as the waves sounds so clear
Suddenly I hear birds chirping on both sides of my ears. 

Moments which  I cherish with the sand below my feet
My summer vibes are breezy & peaceful as I speak.