Be True


Always remember who you are

when challenges can bring on fear.

Your mindset matters and everything you are

Should always be held true and dear.

Be true to you and keep the faith

and all will work out fine.

Keep going be happy and continue to pray

and your spirit will always align.

Love Is...


Love is intricate and worth it.

Love is felt wherever it resides.

Love is a journey so enjoy the ride.

Love is  a gift from God and not meant to be held inside.

Love is in your heart and absolutely verified.


Happy 2022

A new dawn awakes

Leave behind your old mistakes.

Make your new year bold and grand

Keep your head up and give God the praise while you can.

Be Optimistic


Being optimistic is the only way to be

Your mindset should be positive, happy & free

Thoughts of greatness and full of good energy

I'm sharing good vibes with you, don't you agree?

Be confident and hopeful and let your light shine

Keep going and growing and always be kind.

An attitude of gratitude will help along the way

Be grateful and optimistic and always remember to pray.

Hold On


Hold On


Hold on to your joy!

Do not allow them to destroy!

Don’t allow them to stop you!

Hold on you must push through.



C-- Concentrate on your core goals.

     H-- Have a vision and plan accordingly.

                          A-- Always be open to new possibilities & pathways.

                         N-- Never give up on yourself and your dream team.

             G-- Go For it with your mind body and spirit.

                 E-- Embrace the experience so you can evolve.