Monday, August 1, 2016


First we do this and then we do that
Priorities are the way we keep our lives on track.

We modify, rearrange & adjust our daily goals
We prioritize who we see by swiping, tap or scroll.

Who is the most important
How do I accommodate today
Should I see him or her
How do I make a way!

You make a way by making good choices-
 which eliminates your short term goals
You prioritize using your best judgement as this will keep you whole.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Always Ready To Lead

Always ready to help,improve or give
Always ready to offer, listen and live!

Always ready to serve,greet and meet
Always ready to move,multiply and defeat!

Always ready and up for the task
Always ready to grow and make it last!

Always ready to contribute and do my part
Always ready to help mend a broken heart.

Always ready to detect,recognize and discern
Always ready to partake as I learn.

Always ready to lift, glorify and praise
Always ready to PRAY YES...ALWAYS.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Sometimes its not so obvious to see
When a blessing is right in front of me.

In front all around 
A blessing you are
Undisguised, quietly but, shinning like a star.

Just in time
You cross my path
You sprinkle your love
When I need to laugh.

You share a story that I need to hear
You are undisguised and I enjoy your blessings every year.

You take your time to visit me everyday
Blessings undisguised are just that way.

I appreciate your blessings
As this is no surprise
I am happy that you are in my life
You are a blessing undisguised.

Recognize the Undisguised