Thursday, November 3, 2016


More To Life!

There is more to life than sitting at home.
You can be following your dreams
Creating a business you can own.

There is more to life than following the leader
You can step out on faith 
Become your own cheerleader!

There is more to life than thinking about your past.
You can think about your future
Figure it out, go take a class.

There is more to life than blaming others
You can make better choices
Ask yourself
What is my druthers?

There is more to life
This I hope you can see
You can sit around and do nothing
You can reach your goals like

Saturday, October 1, 2016



Get up and rise
Shine like the sun.

Get up and walk
Go exercise and run.

Get up to learn
Open your mind and discern.

Get up and read
Do what it takes to succeed.

Get up and go
Its time for you to grow.

Get up and pray
This is how you should start your day.

Get up you are wise
Stay positive and remember to optimize.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Start Somewhere

Opportunity is all around you
You have to start somewhere
Why not do what you love
Seek your purpose and start there.

Start somewhere
Use what you have
And watch your business grow
Take a chance
Take some risk
You will be surprised at what you know.

Get out of your comfort zone
Go start something you can own!

Do your best with what you have
Dont be afraid to fail
Start somewhere, give it a try
Relax, enjoy and exhale.