Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Garden Of Life

  The Garden of Life

A garden is full of wonderful things like flowers, plants and seeds.
The garden of life is very similar with water, food and greed.
The water is used to quench the thirst to help our garden grow.
While food and money are definitely required to much of this equals NO.

The garden you desire needs love and space and is not a simple task.
The garden of life has so many things we often have to ask.
Ask what can I do help my garden to reach above the need.
All tools are required to cultivate so gardens can exceed.

Our gardens are best when we can see results of what we plant.
ALL gardens are fresh and good to grow if we never use the word CAN'T.

Food For Thought
Growing your garden requires all of your tools.

Beverage To Go!
Water the seed that you desire to feed.


  1. the garden should always be first,in order to grow!

  2. Hey girl, you go! this is really good. continue with your deep thoughts, Im going to figure out how to jump in and join and follow along.