Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today Tomorrow And Always

Today, Tomorrow and Always

Today I reviewed my list.
And it included a wish.
It reminded me never to miss.
A day without taking some kind of risk.

Tomorrow I will keep trying.
And it will include no sighing.
There will be no room for crying.
The negativity I’m not buying.

Always,Tomorrow   and Today
I pledge to myself to always say.
I can, I will, I am positive my way.
And I look forward to moving forward
Each and Everyday.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT-Always thinks about your tomorrow today and do so in a positive way.

BEVERAGE TO GO! -Tomorrow I will try a new beverage. One that will leave me coming back for more!


  1. This is very positive. Great work!


  2. I have not taken risk in so very long. Since I was ill, I have been so content with just being safe in my safety net. I was afraid to move forward or move at all. I appreciate your poem. I know your work is from the inside of you and I respect and am appreciative of that.......and of you! ~*~

  3. Greeting from Kuwait!

    Hey Cousin very nice, I like this look of the website its more open and I can see it better.
    You can be confident about tomorrow, If you walk with God today.

    Eat some Thanksgiving Turkey for me ! Love Ya

  4. I like this alot because I have to admit that more often than not I see the glass half empty instead of how I should be looking at it as half full! Thank you Renita
    Brittney Browning