Saturday, July 4, 2015


Vitamins For Growth And Inspiration

 Vitamin A is essential for Accessing abundance which awakens your 
 awareness which helps you aspire and achieve.
These vitamins are required to help you meet and exceed.

The 8 vitamin B's are designed to help you Blossom, breath life into
your purpose and maintain your blessings through prayer.
 Prayer provides the balance you will need
 to become brilliant and beneficial while creating your best life.
 Stay focused,buoyant and beautiful.
With growth and development you will become Unbreakable!

Vitamin C is designed to motivate you to become courageous, creative and centered.
Once you tap into your confidence you can take charge and be transformed with
clarity. You and everyone else will be captivated by the change. 
Absorb daily and you will produce!

Vitamin D is needed for determination,discernment and diligence.
You should always be determined to reach your goals and as you reach
them discernment is mandatory.
You cannot deliver without your protein.

Vitamin K is about knowledge.
A double dose will keep you keen.  

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