Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Women On The Move

A Woman On The Move

A women on the move is always in motion.
She can move right along and still evoke emotion.
She’s dynamic with style and glides with pride
While keeping up with in front or right by your side.

A women on the move makes it happen everyday.
She can relax and move around and not get in your way.
She can move and be quiet and everyone will know
She is a women on the move because she has the glow.

A women on the move is complimentary to all
She can speak, keep moving and never miss a call.
She can enjoy family and friends, laugh and shed a tear.
She has strength and determination to advise to her peers.

A women on the move has love in her heart.
She knows when to give and where she should start.
A women on the move is blessed beyond measure.
She knows who’s in charge and who gives her treasures.

Food For Thought
If you don't move forward you'll will get left behind.

Beverage To Go
Staying revived means staying refreshed. This can only be done by realizing who you
are and accepting  the challenge to make it happen.  Start Moving Forward for you!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm always hungry for positive, uplifting words of wisdom and I look forward to receiving "Food For Thought" on a weekly basis. I'm one of your biggest supporters and of course "A Women on the Move"

    Wishing you much success with up-lifting hands. You are living your dream now. Let no one stand in your way or steal your thunder

    Chow Bella