Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family and Friends

Family and Friends

Family and friends and everyone in between.
Make our lives much better even behind the scenes. 
They support, love and give great advice.
They encourage we laugh and this is so nice.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner we share so many times.
Our favorite libation helps us reminisce and unwind.
The text and pictures is always a lot of fun
It’s a favorite for me and all my number ones.

Family and friends that live far far away.
My prayers and thoughts are with you  everyday. 
Remembering and sharing my life with all of you
Family and Friends are a Blessing and I want Thank You!!!!!  

Does your family tree have friends?

Have a shot of Happiness to go!


  1. Hey Cuz, that was very nice wishing you well on this very special day....! Wish I was there to spend time with you in person like we use to do....Love You!

    Partner! Partner!
    from Kuwait, Where Freedom isn't Free!

  2. hello cuz! thats whats up! Again,and again u have out done yourself! With words of truth and encourangement! Always nice too talk too u! keep up the good work! luv ya!GOD BLESS

  3. Hello my lovely and powerful sister. You always seem to improve yourself. You improve in thought; in communication; and in message.For your brother, I will each and every day do better than I did the day before. I love you sis. Give my love to family as well. Your brother, Charles