Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dine and Be Thankful

Dine And Be Thankful

Thanksgiving Day is almost here
Let's Dine and Be Thankful for another Turkey this year.

Thankful that we are alive and able to share
Thankful because we know God is always there.

Dining and coming together to laugh, enjoy and live. 
Dining because it's Thanksgiving and this is the time to give.

Dine and be thankful let's remember our troops
Dine and be thankful that they all can recoup.

Dine and be thankful and enjoy your thanksgiving day
Dine and be thankful this..... I had to say.

Food For Thought: It is not what we say about being thankful but, it is how we
use what we are thankful for to help others.

Beverage To Go! I hope I have given you something to sip on for the week.


  1. I am so glad I made time to dine and read about being thankful. I would hope that my expressions of gratitude this year is shared throughout my lifetime. I would like to start by thanking you Renita for your inspirational words of wisdom that matters and has already made a positive change in my own daily walk as a women. I encourage you to forward march and keep up the good work. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Hey Cousin,

    Well here is a little taste for you. Spending my time keeping up with the things here in the combat zone where Soldiers, young men and women mothers and fathers sisters and brothers are putting their life on the line everyday so people can enjoy the pleasures of life that we take for granted. So Please tell a Soldier Thank You Today! Freedom isn't free, compliments Of the US Army! Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan


  3. Renita,

    Your writing really makes me slow down and smell the roses. This piece really made me stop and remember what Thanksgiving is all about. We all get so caught up in our work and social lives that we forget (or I forgot) what Thanksgiving and the next few days are all about. Family, Friends, Appreciation, Grattitude for all the people fighting for us!! Thank you for sharing your kind words with me! I am going to post this to my facebook and share your words with others!! :)

    Brittney Browning

  4. What a wonderful write, loved it :)