Wednesday, October 20, 2010


            ? CRAVE ?

Do you  crave for success  
Crave for what’s necessary
To do your best?

Do you crave and desire
What it takes to stay inspired
Do you crave to stay strong
Crave to continue to learn right from wrong?

Do you crave to stay courageous
Crave that the good you do is.....

Do you crave to continue what you gave
Crave that you can help someone and save
Do crave that you will continue progress and pave?

I crave that I can savor all of this flavor
I crave always for GOD'S grace AND  favor.

Crave it and then save it!!

Is your appetite wet yet?


  1. Renita, I've known you for over two(2) decades,you are truly a strong, aspiring and beautiful woman. I wish you well during your journey and many accomplishments and blessings. My middle daughter is also a writer of which she has had her first book published for Young Arthors titled "The Pig Who Thrived" her books are now in every elementary schools in Victor Valley Elementary School District and she loves your nick for writing as well and you display to her of what she can achieve. Thanks again for being a friend and a success.
    Sincerely, Samantha

  2. Hello Cuz, Again u have out done yourself! You r so amazing, so inspirational! Truly a thinker! Im so blessesed to be a part of your life!And also have u in mine always with words of incuragement! luv always God Bless!

  3. Love your work, and I seem to have a crave in me always! Thank you for reminding me of it *wink* Bless you my Sister for your inspiration!

  4. Greeting from Kuwait!

    Hey Cousin very nice, I like this look of the website its more open and I can see it better.
    You can be confident about tomorrow, If you walk with God today.

    Eat some Thanksgiving Turkey for me ! Love Ya