Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Are you willing to make a change?
And transform your life
Are you willing to rearrange
And leave behind your strife?

Make up your mind
Get ready to discover
A change is going to happen
One way or another.

Think different take action!
Stay ready to convert
Stay positive change applies
But you must remain alert.

A shift in your thinking
Two Thousand eleven style
Take risk to make the change
And do it with a SMILE. 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Change the way you look @ Change

BEVERAGE TO GO: I reserve the right to change your beverage.


  1. Change, one of the hardest thing to do. (well, at least for me.)
    Thanks for visiting and following my site.

  2. This is so profound and I am so glad that you have helped me discover a new way to look at change; especially change in my own life for this new year. I am inspired by your writing and love your style. Please continue to allow God to stir up the gifts he has placed in you and may you and your family have a Happy New Year!

    Keep writing,

  3. change is the hardest part in your life. people so hard to change from the worse part into the better part.

  4. really inspirational truely its our own perception to look thingslike its only up to us how we assess a half glass of water by changing perseption we can change our life.

  5. Change is so hard for some of us but after reading this I can change the way I look at the experience of CHANGE. I enjoy the food for thoughts and beverage to refreshing.