Monday, March 7, 2011

Challenge Yourself


Challenge yourself
Push a little more
Evaluate and rearrange
I know you are ready to do it now
Challenges are all about change.

Engage, demand use a resource
Something to help you grow
Challenge yourself, use your mind
Disturb what you already know.

A combination of things to keep you growing
You already know what they are
A person a place another way to do it
Challenge yourself SUPERSTAR!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If you don't challenge yourself you simply will not grow.

BEVERAGE TO GO!   Challenge from the inside out and it will show!


  1. Nice Poem....Always a pleasure to dine in for food and beverage.

  2. Very motivation. You are defintely right if you don't challenge yourself you will not grow.

    Thanks for breakfast! This will carry me through the rest of my day.

  3. Nice dining with you, I'm full ....
    ... of challenges today.

  4. "Challenge yourself, use your mind
    Disturb what you already know."
    Loves it! Challenges make us stronger. Then they change into stepping stones to something beyond. Nice piece.