Monday, November 14, 2011

Release Your Power

Release your power
Launch a new career
I'm inspiring you to create
Just in time for the new year!

You have the ability
To create and even design
Go ahead and release your power
Your gift is one of a kind.

Release your power
Divulge and don't conceal
The world is waiting for someone like you
That's talented and very real.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT!  Time to disseminate what you've learned to create!

BEVERAGE TO GO!  Dont keep everything bottled up inside! 


  1. With a breathe of fresh air I release

    My tears speak so divine

    Embracing once again what is mines!

    I can accomplish anything I can grasp

    Putting my best foot forward diligently

    I am fulifilled.....

  2. The beverage to go is a thirst quencher. Jacques Joint is always a nice browse. The comments are captivating.

  3. Thanks for empowering.I can always come here and be inspired.