Tuesday, May 1, 2012


F i n e s s e

Right now today
You have plenty to say
Taking action with finesse
Moving forward and looking Blessed!

You have major style and grace
Skillfully managing from day to day
Always maneuvering with finesse
Leading while you simply express!

Expressions in a manner
That you articulate extremely well
Refined and always ready to perform
Having finesse has helped you excel!!


  1. Having unique titles or subjects really help you stand out in this line of business as a writer. You really have FINESSE!!

  2. Saw this on twitter. Very catchy!thanks for buying my book.

  3. Finesse as in skills, action and performance! You got that special something they allows us to take a snapshot and hold it as a keepsake!Keep maneuvering your words with Finesse!!