Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Will...

I Will.......

I will strive
I will thrive
I will always guide.

I will grow
I will know
I will always continue to flow.

I will communicate
I will state
I will always be in the presence of great.

I will learn
I will stay concerned
I will always be able to discern.

I will pray
I will today
I will always have something to say.

I will get it
I will give it
I will always try to live it.

Food For Thought!
What will you always do?

Beverage To Go!
Will you toast to what you will do today?


  1. I will always!Always Pray Daily! Always! god is soo god! His wil will Always be done!I will Always Wait on him Always! Again Cuz thanks
    God Bless!

  2. To have a will is to have a desire. To have a desire is to have an expressed wish. To have an expressed wish is to have a hope.

    I have the will to desire the lord. I have a desire to seek his expressed wishes.I have a wish to reach his hopes. I have a will and the will is found in him(GOD).


  3. I strive to better myself each day so that my grandsons and sons will see me and strive to do the same and be great!. I continue to flow and not always go with the flow because God is better. My faith is my greatest asset! I will state it, and claim it! I will never forget what the Lord has done for me so I stay connected with others and try to do for them what He has done for me.

    Your words touch me every time I read them and carry hope and love in them. I am thankful for you each and every day. Be Blessed my Sister(smile)!

  4. "I will learn
    I will stay concerned
    I will always be able to discern."
    This is my favorite part :) "I will" A precussor of accomplishment.