Friday, January 21, 2011

The Path

The Path

Take the path that's beneficial
Pretty soon you will be showing
Opportunities and self discovery
Demonstrates you are growing.
Networking pursued with zest
Perseverance is the key
This path is paved with you in mind
I know because it happens to me.

The path has a huge mountain
You have no choice but to climb
Beneficial and worth the journey
Keep reaching and take your time.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If it is not beneficial it's artificial. 

BEVERAGE TO GO! The benefits of a good beverage will show.


  1. "keep reaching and take your time"
    a good one for bloggers like me who wants to earn online.

  2. Another beautiful poem, keep up the good work, Ki$$es!!!

  3. Enjoyed reading..Motivational.


  4. The Path is very encouraging and keeps me climbing and reaching for more in life!

  5. we are the one who chooses the right path :)

  6. Reading the path provides instructions to a road that's steady and good for me. Thank you for this insight Renita. I am off to enjoy my beverage to go...thanks again your writing is awesome....always a pleasure to dine at the poetry diner.