Friday, April 15, 2011


Are You
P.U.S.H.I.N.G. (?)

P    Passionate, prayerful, provocative & persistent?

U Unstoppable,Understanding and even Uplifting?

S    Supportive, sensible,splendid and strong?

H  Helpful, hopeful and humorous all day long?

I  Incredible, inspiring, interesting and inviting?

N Nifty, nimble a notable and desiring?

G  Grow into your greatness and give it all you got!

Food For Thought: Exercise the push in you daily.

Beverage To Go! Drink excessive amounts to maintain your drive!


  1. Wow!!!! This is awesome and I really enjoyed reading this poem. The poetry diner definitely serves good food for thought and beverages that are not only inspirational but also life changing as it is applied to ones own daily life....I do testify that it has made a difference in my own life...Always a pleasure to dine in at the poetry diner.


  2. This is an awesome read and unique

  3. I love this! what a great poem! Keep pushing and move forward toward greatness!