Friday, April 8, 2011

A Little More

"A Little More"

Sometimes we make plans to do a little more
We plan, seek to discover and explore.

We read a little more
Shop for something different at the store
We look deep within and feel things we cant ignore.

Moving to new heights its your time for you to soar
Moving forward simply because you desire a little more.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If more means greater in size then you are in for a surprise!

BEVERAGE TO GO: Time to pour yourself a little more. Easy on the ice.


  1. You are right, I need to explore a little more because I really do desire to soar.

    Thanks for the food of thought on this wonderful day.

  2. This poem is very creative and insightful....always a pleasure to dine for food beverage at the poetry diner.


  3. Thank You For Your Comments Poetry Diner Pals!

  4. Hmm *A Little More*

    Your choice of words I so adore

    I feel inspired to grasp my desires!

    Can you see the new sparkle in my eyes?

    It's because your words grazed my soul

    Deliciously full~*Hiccups*