Monday, April 25, 2011



Enjoy your new life
Embrace who you are
Enjoy the fun and the positive
It will take you very far.

Learn from every lesson
Enjoy, continue and pursue
Your dreams, aspirations and all that you want
Are stored and waiting for you!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Experience it and Enjoy it!

BEVERAGE TO GO! Take pleasure in knowing you know how to ENJOY what you get an opportunity to taste.


  1. I do enjoy being me, because I am unique, special, amazing, beautiful, awesome, smart,etc. I really believe your poems are causing me to develop a massive ego :-)

    Excellent poem. Keep us inspired. Keep up the excellent work, for you have truly quenched my thirst with your beverage to go.

    Happy Poetry month to you!

  2. Your poetry is fun fresh and inspiring and I enjoy it.

  3. I like this poetry ,is fun fresh and inspiring and I ,,hehehe

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  5. Free To Be Me

    Forcefully my shackles are removed

    Rays of sunlight upon my face

    Expression of happiness surrounds me

    Excited to become whole again

    Timeless energy wasted on thee inevitable

    Outward appearance shaded like a mask

    Bruised ego from the lies from within

    Empathy for my soul because I'm lost

    Miraculously changing 360 degrees

    Evolution of KLH reborn


  6. Yummy comments and words of poetry from my poetry diner pals and PRICELESS!

  7. I love the site. keep up the great work.

  8. the poetry diner is very uplifting and motivational.. Keep givin us the word that we need.. Thank you