Thursday, May 26, 2011


Discovering New Areas

Discovering new areas
Will allow you to fulfill
An area that you knew was there
And granted by God's will.

Discovering new areas
Make it all about you
You never know where it may lead
Discover go try something new. 

Open your mind to new ideas
Define and create your new space
Discovering new areas in your life
A different challenge you will learn to face.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT! Discover a new area and Conquer it!

BEVERAGE TO GO! Discover an "Acquired Taste" for this new area. You might like it!


  1. Your poems keep me discovering new areas in my life.

  2. Impulse by Terrell
    I am feeling like the young and rebellious boy my inners are screaming to let me be free
    but my nightmares will not hold me
    Life is as sick as my dreams lets walk on the moon but his no Micheal
    I am worshiping the Great Lord
    walking on faith and being lead by my pen
    so hard but no success
    I am creating the next geno with no cide but a movement that will bring dreams and imagination to the front stream
    I feel like Linnie
    with no George
    In my mind I am sick like adult films
    but no Sponge Bob because I don't play with my best male friend
    Impulse not thinking just reacting

  3. Great poem. I really like the title, DNA (Discovering New Areas)or as we scientist like to say Deoxyribonucleic acid.

    Thanks for sharing.