Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pursue Whats Inside of You!

Pursue Whats Inside of You!

Pursue your dreams
Glide down your favorite streams
Stay enthusiastic and upbeat
Solid and standing on your two feet. 

Motivating yourself by believing in oneself
Make your own deals not flexing on whats not real.
Inspiring you to pursue the growth in you.
Your energy and effort not wasted so please continue.

Pursue what works
Accomplish and obtain
You have nothing to loose
But the capacity to gain.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Pursue it and you will get it!

BEVERAGE TO GO!  Do you know what your capacity is?


  1. you I love ya right!!! I enjoy what u said and thanks

  2. Pursue your passion and whats inside of you. Nice.

  3. Nice touch. Very smooth and so true.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I sometimes think I know whats inside of me and then, I get lost trying to find it. (smile) Thank you for reminding me it is still inside of me and all I have to do is use it! You are truly an inspiration to me. Bless you my sister.